Apps for Pilots

Ever since the early days of the E6B flight computer, pilots, navigators, and aerial engineers have been bringing various analog and digital tools into cockpits for the purpose of enhancing their flight experience. Although modern avionics provide pilots with a plethora of flight instruments and tools, there is something nice about boarding the aircraft with a shiny iPad or a powerful Android tablet loaded with the following mobile apps:

WingX Pro7

This award-winning app comes with an impressive endorsement: developer Hilton Software is the recipient of a $17 million contract awarded by the United States National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Similar to Garmin Pilot, WingX Pro7 provides every kind of chart that pilots need in the cockpit: from VFR sectionals to IFR en route and from geo-referenced to ADS-B NEXRAD weather overlays. The pinch and zoom functionality of this app makes it one of the best for charting.


Although there are hundreds of weather apps available to the aviation community, AeroWeather stands out thanks to it simplified interface and data structure. Meteorological stations at all airports around the world can be displayed with a quick search and a couple of taps, and the information is decoded into a format that is easy to assimilate. The iOS version of AeroWeather links to the Apple Watch.


Thanks to debriefing apps such as CloudAhoy, students, and professional pilots are able to review training sessions, routes, scenarios, and more. In essence, CloudAhoy is a cloud service connected to a massive knowledge base that is rich in VFR, IFR, weather, local rules, satellite imagery, aircraft specs and more. Not only does CloudAhoy present all details related to flight routes and cockpit activity; it also provides valuable analysis and a full review of instrumentation feedback. This app even includes social media features so that interesting and scenic flights can be shared with friends.


Quite a few European pilots are very familiar with this popular flight planning app, which is a powerful VFR charting tool that provides some of the highest resolutions for layers and airspace clipping. METAR and SIGMET information is displayed during the planning and briefing stages, and it can be reviewed during the flight; live weather updates are displayed as long as an internet connection is available. SkyDemon also features an automatic pilot log that is accurately recorded along with GPS data on devices with navigation features.