Why You Should Get Your Pilot’s License

For a lot of people, even the thought of setting foot on an airplane fills them with horrible anxiety, but others take to the sky like they were born for it. If you feel at home among the clouds and you have the ability, procuring your pilot’s license is one of the single most rewarding things you can do with your life, and there are so many reasons to get one!

The sky is literally the limit

When you have your pilot’s license, there’s no longer a need to wait in the long lines at the airport to sit in cramped seats all throughout your flight; when you can fly your own plane, you leave and arrive on your terms. Flying also removes the need to drive to far away locations — no longer will you have to sit in traffic and take detours to arrive at your destination long after you’d originally planned. When you fly, you can go directly from Point A to Point B without the hassle of conventional travel.

The view is unbeatable.

Think of the beautiful and picturesque landscapes that you see when you take off and land on a commercial airplane. Now imagine that you can see them, not through the tiny airplane window that you crane to see through from the aisle seat, but sprawled out in front of you and laying all around you. When you’re flying hundreds of feet in the air, the only things that have a better view than you are the birds flying all around you. Why travel on the ground when you could soar above it effortlessly?

It’s an amazing thrill.

Perhaps it’s the actual bird’s eye view, perhaps it’s defying the laws of physics by being airborne, but there’s something about being in a plane up in the air that’s simply exhilarating. For the same reason people ride roller coasters and go skydiving, you now have one of the greatest adrenaline inducers right at your fingertips. Even after the initial thrill of flying yourself has worn off, there are always new places to travel and new sights to see.

You learn how to make decisions quickly.

When you’re sailing through the air and something goes wrong, either with the plane or the weather, you have to quickly make a decision and take control of the situation or you could end up seriously injured or dead. Flying allows you to hone your reflexes and your instincts in ways that will help you both when you fly and during everyday life.